'Twas the night before Christmas, and on Accotink Creek, Not a creature was stirring, not a mouse did squeak . . .
- Posted December 7, 2022
★ #SaveCinderBedWoods! ★
Yet another trees-to-asphalt conversion project. This one would light up the forest like an auto mall!
- Updated July 10, 2022
★ Public meeting Nov. 29, 2022 ★
★ Act now in defense of woods & wetlands! ★

"Begin with the premise that the automobile must accommodate the earth, rather than vice versa."
- Updated November 20, 2022
Read about the adventures of Friends of Accotink Creek in defense of our watershed in 2022.
- Posted November 14, 2022
Another Elly Doyle award for a deserving FACC member.
- Updated November 18, 2022
★Public meeting Jan. 10, 2023!★
This tributary stream is the focus of a consolidated long term project to restore watershed health. Learn what is proposed and where changes will happen.
- Updated November 8, 2022
Trading green space for Greenbacks!
An ancient perennial stream meets its tragic and needless end in Fairfax City.
- Updated November 24, 2022
Citizen report of a sanitary sewer break contaminating Long Branch central.
- Updated November 22, 2022
Special election for House of Delegates District 12.
- Updated November 23, 2022
Thank you to all the neighbors who joined hands to to clean up dumping sites along Americana Drive in Annanadale.
- Posted November 14, 2022
Results are in from our summer fish survey. The tally of species is at least fair, but questions remain.
- Updated November 15, 2022
Ad hoc fixes have stabilized the slope and halted erosion, but a permanent repair still seems far away.
- Updated November 10, 2022
Trying to save Lake Accotink from being smothered by an insidious aquatic invader.
- Updated November 7, 2022
Election results for City of Fairfax Mayor and Council.
- Updated November 23, 2022
Thanks to all the Friends of Accotink Creek who joined the International Coastal Cleanup along our 12 adopted stretches of Accotink Creek in 2022. Thanks to all their efforts, we together removed 232 bags of trash, and junk ranging from shopping carts to squash racquets.
- Posted Oct 13, 2022
Yellow passionflowers and Purple passionflowers - be "passionate" about the imperiled Accotink Gorge. Our workdays to eliminate invasive wisteria threatening native flora make progress!
- Updated November 1, 2022
The Hatmark Branch tributary has dried up. Can it be entirely natural?
- Posted September 4, 2022
The proposed pipeline and dewatering area still threaten wooded habitats. Let your voice be heard.
- Updated May 21, 2022
Canterbury Woods Elementary School students "follow the water" to learn about what lives in their neighboring stream, Long Branch central.
- Posted May 9, 2022
Yet more tree loss faces the Fort Belvoir North Area.
- Posted May 6, 2022
★Defend natural resource funding!★
Come to the defense of Fairfax County parks and natural habitats! Contact your county supervisors!
- Posted April 7, 2022
Many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who turned out to clean up Accotink Creek during the annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup ! Read the results and see the photos here! Beat the Litterbugs!
- Posted April 25, 2022
And salamanders, too! The cause of this die off of aquatic life remains a mystery.
- Posted March 31, 2022
Another water main break pours sediment into Daniels Run, just one year after a similar incident.
- Posted March 31, 2022
Illegal discharge into Accotink Creek is halted, but after continuing how long?
- Posted March 31, 2022
Poor storage of winter salt supplies is causing harm to our neighboring watershed, Pohick Creek.
- Posted March 31, 2022
★Contact your legislators now!★
Ask your Virginia senators and delegates to vote in defense of Accotink Creek!
- Posted January 23, 2022
Grace Presbyterian Church includes preservation of Nature in its mission.
- Posted February 4, 2022
Winter salt hurts Accotink Creek. Citizen science documents the impact. Learn what can be done.
- Posted January 12, 2022
Another plan to pave the woods in the name of supposed 'environmental' benefits.
- Updated January 22, 2022
♦ Winter Salt Management Toolkit now available!
Total Maximum Daily Load
Talk Much, Do Little?
- Updated January 26, 2021
What is the future of Friends of Accotink Creek? Is it bright new sunrise or dimming sunset?
- Posted January 23, 2020
Events & More
November 29, 2022
Is Long Branch in peril again from this project? Discuss the options proposed by VDOT

December 10th, 2022
9:30am - 11:30am
Volunteers assess ecological conditions in streams, based on the abundance of invertebrates.
December 20, 2022
Elections for Friends of Accotink Creek Board Members!

January 10, 2023
Community presentation with updates on this unique watershed-wide project.
December 31, 2022
Join Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count, the world's longest-running wildlife census!
January 10, 2023
Remember your watershed when you vote in the District 12 special election this year.

Property enhancement equals watershed enhancement with Conservation Assistance $$$.

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