Whither FACC?

What is the future of Friends of Accotink Creek?

Martin Luther King Day
January 20, 2020 - Join Team Accotink for:
  • Strategizing Session on the Future of Friends of Accotink Creek

Bring your ideas on how we can become bigger, better, and more effective.

We plan to meet about 6:00 pm and brainstorm over food and beverage until they throw us out, then shiver in the cold a whie longer, tossing ideas back and forth.

Meeting place:
Dos Amigos Springfield
7375 Boston Blvd, Springfield, Virginia 22314 (overlooking the Accotink Gorge)

August 12, 2019:
Some thoughts (and laments) regarding FACC prompted by a discussion of capacity-building for non-profits.

Capacity – What is needed:
  • More active membership
  • More public awareness of us and our issues
  • More funds
Capacity – What we lack:
  • Entrepreneurial instincts
  • Sufficient expertise to make our positions meaningful to others
  • The charisma and camaraderie that would draw in new members
  • The ability to see what needs to be done and where and how
  • Organizational skills (including financial) to make reality the ideas in our heads
  • The individual drive and force of personality that would send us out knocking on doors in search of opportunities to spread our message.
Capacity - Some things we wish to do but seem to lack the wherewithal to accomplish:
  • We need an expanded Follow the Water.
  • We need a Follow the Water for adults.
  • Our regular stream cleanups are not accomplishing their goal. That goal is public awareness and recruitment. “Find just one other person who cares” is our motto, but without realization.
  • We should get something done on the Americana North meadow project (area you saw on 495 tour), replicating what was done nearby at the County’s initiative, in 2015 and 2016.
  • We aspire to get traction in clearing the Accotink Gorge of Chinese Wisteria, something we have considered turning into a summer work/study program.
Closing gripes:
  • So often we see 1000 people at baseball games vs. a handful at our events. We wonder how can we achieve higher numbers. We wonder how we can find some of the energy and commitment people so willingly apply to sports.
  • We are modeled after the Friends of Sligo Creek, a group in Maryland conserving a creek very similar to Accotink. Yet they are doing so much better than we are, as evidenced by a glance at the activity and funding described in their budget
  • My days are numbered. When my wife retires in another year or two, I have been informed that we will spend our time travelling. I don’t see much hope of anyone taking over the sundry tedious tasks I now do for FACC.
Some thoughtful responses to the above: