Sanitary Sewer Break

Sanitary sewer breaks - happening too often in our watershed?

November 4, 2023:
Spotted on Americana Drive, just south of Patriot Drive - Sewage was spouting out like a small fountain, running down the sidewalk and entering an Accotink Creek tributary through a storm drain. County personnel responded to our call and repaired the pipe. No one will repair whatever damage has been done to Accotink Creek.

We find it troubling that detection of such incidents depends upon the happenstance of their being witnessed and recognized by passing citizens. Many of these breaks are likely to occur in the many streamside sewer lines, where pollution may enter streams undetected for weeks or months. Nor is there a County website where citizens may find information on sanitary sewer breaks, similar to what Fairfax Water has for water main breaks.

If you witness incidents, use our Watershed 911 page to report.

Sewage runs down the storm drain leading to a tributary of Accotink Creek

Sewage runs for dozens of yards down the sidewalk

Source of the sewage leakage, bubbling up from the soil

After repairs, a hidden manhole is revealed

Sanitary Sewer Break 2022