Master Plan
Lake Accotink Park

Master Plan meeting April 24, 2017 at Cardinal Forest Elementary:

The Park Authority scheduled this public meeting at our request, on the topic of natural resources, and combined it with the request of Friends of Lake Accotink Park for a meeting on the topic of historic resources. Both Friends of Accotink Creek and Friends of Lake Accotink Park had tables at the meeting.

The format combined separate staff presentations on natural resources and historic resources with display tables covering each aspect of resource conservation. Public attendance was only in the neighborhood of 25 persons, roughly equal to the number of staff persons there from different agencies. Supervisor John Cook spoke of the park as a place we all want to preserve, describing it as one of our last places "where you can step off the road and not know you're in Fairfax County".

We learned that staff has been conducting biological surveys and that resource protection zones will be defined. These zones will direct development away from sensitive areas and form the basis for future enhhancement and restoration. A natural vegetation community classification has identified 15 habitat types in the park. Earlier studies of habitat areas and species lists are available in the 1992 General Management Plan.

The draft Master Plan is expected to be ready for public review in late 2017.

The May 16, 2016 public meeting focused on lake sustainability and the chronic siltation issue:
On March 14, 2016, the long-delayed Master Plan for Lake Accotink Park began with a well-attended initial public meeting. Read our brief notes HERE.
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The Master Plan for Lake Accotink Park is in development now.
Lend your voice in defense of habitat and watersheds!

The Board of Conservators of Friends of Accotink Creek has submitted comments on the focus of the Master Plan. Please find them HERE and use as a model for your own comments, either in person or in writing. Modify or personalize as appropriate

The fundamental principle is to defend natural resources over development and "improvements". The demand for active recreational and sports use of parks is infinite, but our remaining natural areas are finite. Destruction of irreplaceable habitat to satisfy demands for active recreation is an unwise course. Likewise, encouraging types of recreation in natural areas that degrade those areas is also destined to be regretted.

The Freshwater Mussel Survey commissioned by Friends of Accotink Creek and Friends of Lake Accotink Park describes an imperiled resource whose protection the Master Plan should enhance.

We can expect the Master Plan to be complete by 2018, after which any funding would come from the 2020 bond issue. In the meantime, the 2016 park bond issue includes $1.5 million for Lake Accotink Park. If approved by voters, these expenditures may begin while the Master Plan is incomplete. This creates some possibility of ad hoc projects incompatible with the long-term goals of the master plan.

At the Fairfax County Park Authority Master Plan webpage for Lake Accotink Park, you may read background information, review documents, and sign up for email notifications.

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