Conservation Assistance
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Watershed Stewardship Begins at Home

- Best Management Practices for Watersheds -

Donít you, your yard, and your community deserve the best?

And donít you deserve to have someone else help pay for it? Make attractive and beneficial watershed-friendly Best Management Practices part of landscaping plans at your home, place of worship, or civic association commons Ė taking advantage of Conservation Assistance guidance and financial support $ $ $ of up to 75% .

Anywhere we influence land use decisions - our homes, civic associations, houses of worship, and more - we can make a difference for Accotink Creek. The answer lies in allowing the land to work with nature - to slow down water, filter it, and allow it to seep into aquifers and streams gradually. Rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, pervious paving and other simple techniques can help us enhance our properties while maintaining a healthy Accotink Creek.

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In our civic life we can all be a part of Team Accotink.
Let friends and neighbors know about Conservation Assistance.
We are all the guardians of Accotink Creek.

The beauty of caring for our waters in a way that shows we care