495 Express Lanes - the gift that keeps on taking. Unneeded mowing has nipped native forest regeneration in the bud.
- Posted December 2, 2014
Swift and certain action in aid of a neighboring stream follows the appeal by its defenders.
- Updated December 9, 2014
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and on Accotink Creek, Not a creature was stirring, not a mouse did squeak . . .
- Posted Dec 2 2014
Hopeful action in support of Flag Run following appeals by a neighbor who cares.
- Posted December 9, 2014
Volunteers from a company that cares help make a difference along the Flag Run tributary.
- Posted November 23, 2014
Friends of Accotink Creek is recognized for years of dedication to stream cleanups.
- Posted November 20, 2014
Graffiti displays along the new Beltway walls in Wakefield Park.
- Posted November 20, 2014
Its alive! Intriguing new biological monitoring results.

Read the background story and follow our periodic updates!
- updated November 6, 2014
Thanks to all the Friends of Accotink Creek who joined the International Coastal Cleanup along our 12 adopted stretches of Accotink Creek in 2014. Thanks to all their efforts, we together removed 200 bags of trash, 21 tires, and junk ranging from a weed whacker to a dishwasher to a hip flask.
- posted Oct 19 2014
Too Mean, Didn't Like? No!
Trust in Moments of Dumb Luck? No!
Toronto Metropolitan Department of Labour? No!
Talk Much, Do Little? Um, maybe...
Find out what it is and why it matters.
- Posted August 28, 2014
Preserve your watershed with a rain barrel solution to fit every space.
- Posted August 25, 2014
Lower Accotink Canoe Trek
A July 9th paddle trip exploration through two of the numbered sections of Accotink Creek! Follow along beginning from Alban Road Virtual Tour Section 16 and concluding at Accotink Bay Virtual Tour Section 18 .
- posted August 11, 2014
Needless paving nibbles away at the habitat of parks in our watershed.
- Posted August 12, 2014
Many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who turned out to clean up Accotink Creek during the annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup ! Read the results and see the photos here! Beat the Litterbugs!
- posted May 6 2014
Friends of Accotink Creek is sponsoring presentations for communities, civic associations, and others on watershed-related topics, promoting community awareness of, and engagement with the Accotink Watershed!
- posted March 5, 2014
Be afraid! Big construction projects are rolling across the Accotink Creek watershed permanently removing tree cover and habitat and filling Accotink Creek with construction sediment. Our report on a neighborhood turned into a ghost town awaiting its end before the blades of bulldozers.
- posted Dec 28
March 22 - March 26, 2015
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Deadline Dec 31, 2014
NVSWCD welcomes applications for a vacant Board position through the general election in November 2015.
January 4, 2015
Join Audubon's annual Christmas Bird Count, the world's longest-running wildlife census!

December 15, 2014
Elections for Friends of Accotink Creek Board Members!

Through late 2015
Let Fairfax County know your feelings about protecting our native habitats.
December 13th, 2014
Lake Accotink Park
9:30am - 11:30am
Volunteers assess ecological conditions in streams, based on the abundance of invertebrates.
Third Mondays
Shape the Future of Friends of Accotink Creek. Join our monthly planning meetings!
Join us each Wednesday in defending our parks from green invaders.

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