Robotics team supports trash solutions.
- Posted November 15, 2015
A tale of thoughtless self-interested actions leading to the loss of wildlife at Lake Accotink.
- Posted November 9, 2015
A study of issues adversely affecting Lake Accotink with a model path toward community solutions.
- Posted October 30, 2015
Thanks to all the Friends of Accotink Creek who joined the International Coastal Cleanup along our 12 adopted stretches of Accotink Creek in 2015. Thanks to all their efforts, we together removed 206 bags of trash, 46 tires, and junk ranging from a kiddie pool to a plumbing plunger.
- Posted Oct 26 2015
Yellow passionflowers and Purple passionflowers - be "passionate" about the imperiled Accotink Gorge.
- Updated October 30, 2015
The I-66 Haymarket-to-495 project proposes to cross 5.1 miles of the Accotink Creek watershed, bringing little good.
- Updated October 18, 2015
Friends of Accotink Creek is among the 2015 awardees, in recognition of the efforts of our volunteers!
- Posted October 6, 2015
Professional survey reveals the status of freshwater mussels in Accotink Creek.
- Posted October 2, 2015
Tributary stream is restored and native plants rescued!
- Posted October 6, 2015
Its alive! Intriguing new biological monitoring results.

Read the background story and follow our periodic updates!
- updated September 28, 2015
Friends of Accotink Creek named a 2015 awardee!
- Posted July 17, 2015
Total Maximum Daily Load
Talk Much, Do Little?
Find out what it is and why it matters.
- Updated July 9, 2015
Dumping cleanup problems persist in a neighboring watershed.
- Posted July 17, 2015
The amphibian apocalypse approaches the Accotink watershed.
- Posted July 17, 2015
"Begin with the premise that the automobile must accommodate the earth, rather than vice versa."
- Updated June 10, 2015
Many thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who turned out to clean up Accotink Creek during the annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup ! Read the results and see the photos here! Beat the Litterbugs!
- posted May 7 2015
The mitigation project to restore a native meadow where before was only lawn.
- updated April 27, 2015
The dredging of Woodglen Lake caused mass mussel mortality in the Pohick Creek watershed.
- posted April 20, 2015
Be afraid! Big construction projects are rolling across the Accotink Creek watershed permanently removing tree cover and habitat and filling Accotink Creek with construction sediment. Our report on a community turned into a ghost town awaiting its end before the blades of bulldozers.
- posted Dec 26, 2014
December 15, 2015
Elections for Friends of Accotink Creek Board Members!

November 18, 2015
January 6, 2016

Hike the Accotink Creek section of the CCT.

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