Americana Drive Cleanups

Cleanup - April 1, 2023


West End Rugby Team with the mountain of rubbish they collected.

Our day began with steady light rain, but the Springfield Youth Club's West End Rugby Team, along with coaches and family, turned out ready to work. Together, they faced hazardous muddy slopes and unwieldy nail-studded construction debris in the dumping fields along Americana Drive. By the time we finished, the sun was shining down on the pile of 43 trash bags, 1 water heater, 1 mini washer, 1 toilet, 2 mattresses, 2 chairs, 4 tires, half a dozen carpet rolls, and an estimated 2 tons of construction debris (mostly lumber, concrete chunks, and paint cans). Thank you West End Rugby!

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Presidents Day Cleanup - February 20, 2023


VDOT customized the message on their electronic warning signs.

On Presidents Day a group of 86 volunteers turned out to address the chronic problem of dumping and heavy littering along Americana Drive. We had an excellent day for working outdoors, with partly cloudy skies and temperatures rising into the mid 50's. As usual, the project was in cooperation with the Fairfax County Restoration Project. We were also supported by Facets, and by The Operation Stream Shield, a Fairfax County work program for shelter residents, makes our task easier by making regular visits to clean along Americana Drive, and had been there just a few days prior. Unfortunately, the dumpers and litterbugs are at work 24/7.

Discarded construction materials are a major element of the items dumped along Americana Drive, tossed away as a matter of convenience by the operators of the many commercial vehicles that park here. It seemed we removed enough lumber, brick, tile, siding, plumbing, insulation, and carpet to build a new house.

In three hours of work, the volunteers removed 247 bags of trash, 21 tires, 8 doors, 4 shopping carts, 3 barbeque grills, 2 car doors, 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 cash register, 1 washing machine, 1 bicycle, 1 hoverboard, and perhaps over 3 tons of loose debris. There is still so much more out there.

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