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Battle of the Bottle
May 8, 2017

The NOVA Trash Action Work Force (TAWF)'s first Day of Action on May 8, 2017 was a success! We protested at the headquarters of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), calling out their opposition to litter reduction initiatives. The IBWA opposes bottle deposit bills, bans on sale of water in disposable bottles in national parks, and other initiatives to reduce trash in our streams. We had at least 30 people, and people brought a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm to the protest. The day started cold and early, but we persisted, setting up our display of bags of plastic water bottles retrieved during stream cleanups at two parking spots across from the building. We had a great mix of signs and messages, from sharpies, cardboard and glitter fish to posters by GMU student graphic designers Moriah Canon and Christian Inguillo!

Friends of Accotink Creek's creative contributions ranged from puppets made of water bottles to an aerial campaign, sending tethered balloons up to IBWA's offices with the message "IBWA, your plastic doesn't go away!". Friends of Little Hunting Creek formed a strong leadership core throughout the campaign, and Eleanor Quigley took up the flag and led us on our march around the building. Friends of Lake Accotink Park's Meghan Walker managed planning and coordination like a pro! Clean Fairfax handed out 200 reusable water bottles and flyers at the adjacent King Street Metro, catching the morning rush.

We were especially grateful to have two local political leaders join us. Virginia Delegate Paul Krizek (44th District) took up the flag and lead us for awhile - he's been strong leader on trash reduction initiatives and a great supporter. Later Tilly Blanding , candidate delegate for District 42 marched with us, and led us in song she made up on the spot: "Power to the People / Not this Plastic./ We're out here marching, / 'Cause things are getting drastic!" - Watch the video! Local environmental groups including Friends of Huntley Meadows, Friends of Dyke Marsh , the Sierra Club (Great Falls Group) , and the Alice Ferguson Foundation also joined us - we're stronger together!

This was our first Action, and we're very pleased with how it turned out. We're glad that we invested a lot of time in planning and coordinating this event, because that resulted in a strong team with good diversity - everyone brought different skills and interests to the table, and we worked to find ways that we could collaborate and support each other.

We don't know what our next step will be, but given today's success, we know there will be one!

Flying the flag for the cause of responsibility!

Barrage balloons carry littered bottles and messages to the windows of the International Bottled Water Association!

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