Turtle Rescue 2024

Come watch and learn at the Turtle Rescue!
Notice: Turtle rescues are on hold until July 16th, due to excessive heat

Ashby Pond Turtle Rescue Report - July 6, 2024:
We are off to a tremendous start! The first two traps may have come up empty, but the remainder of the traps did not disappoint! The snappers were absolute chonkers for sure! We also had a surprise when one of the traps held several painted turtles, two gigantic snappers and a drenched raccoon. The raccoon was freed from the trap seemingly unscathed. We worked fairly efficiently and finished up right around 11:15am. The numbers are: 7 snappers and 21 painted turtles.

An absolute chonker! More photos on Facebook

An estimated population of 500 turtles live in Ashby Pond in Fairfax City. The pond is due to be drained and dredged in fall of 2024.

The turtles will be trapped and relocated beginning July 5th until approximately July 25th. Everyone is welcome to observe, discuss, and learn, daily from 10:00 AM for 2 -3 hours, depending on number of turtles trapped. A few helpers are needed each day to carry turtles. Get in touch if you are available.

More rescues! - Join our native plant rescues, most Fridays until fall, other days by arrangements. Ferns, wildflowers, shrubs, sedges, and small trees need new homes before the bulldozers roll. Check our calendar

Ashby Pond