Illegal Discharge 2022

Illegal discharge into Accotink Creek detected

March 29, 2022 -
Friends of Accotink Creek observed an opaque white discharge coming from a normally dry storm drain along Telegraph Square Drive in Lorton. A quick consult with our Watershed 911 page gave us a number to call at Fairfax Count Stormwater Planning. An inspector was on the scene in about 40 minutes. We accompanied the inspector to trace the source, opening manholes along the way.

The source turned out to be a marble cutting business whose discharge of marble dust was improperly connected to the storm drain instead of wastewater. A corrective order was issued, but as always seems to be the case, no penalty or remediation was attached to the violation. Why don't the traffic police work that way?

This was a new business, operating for six months, that excused its action by pleading ignorance of the plumbing connections they had inherited. We can only assume these discharges have gone on for six months without being reported. How many other water quality violations are going on every day without being reported?

We have seen this movie before at this very same spot with another discharge of marble dust in 2013.

Opaque white discharge - never a good sign