2020 Americana Drive Cleanup
Veterans Day, November 11


Masked, caped heroes of The Vistas - Thank you!

In cooperation with Fairfax County Restoration Project, we had a cleanup of Americana Drive November 11th, Veterans Day. It was raining steadily, but we still had 15 soggy volunteers turn out. The volunteers included a contingent from The Vistas apartments staff, our hosts and heroes. DPWES provided a trash truck to patrol the street collecting bags. As a consequence, we canít really say how many bags we collected. DPWES will also follow up with a claw truck to extract a couple heavy sofas.

The sad condition of Americana Drive that necessitates these cleanups has existed for years with extensive littering and illegal dumping. These are not thoughtless strangers driving by. Everything littered or dumped here was left by uncaring neighbors lacking pride in their community and in themselves.


Public Works trash truck on patrol

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