Images From
The Accotink Gorge

Selected images of the exceptional flora of the Accotink Gorge:
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Anemone quinquefolia, Wood anemone, Accotink, 4-24-15

Aureolaria virginica, Downy false foxglove, Accotink, 7-1-15

Clitoria mariana, Butterfly pea, Accotink, 7-1-15

Erythronium americanum, Yellow trout lily, Accotink, 4-7-15

Silene stellata, Starry campion, Field Lark Branch, 7-2-15

Epigaea repens, Mayflower, Accotink, 4-7-15

Monarda fistulosa, Wild bergamot, Accotink, 7-1-15

Protographium Marcellus, Zebra swallowtail, on Asclepias tuberosa, Butterfly weed, Accotink, 7-1-15

Silene caroliniana, Wild pink, Accotink, 4-23-15

Vanessa virginiensis, American painted lady, eating Antennaria, Pussytoes, Field Lark Branch, 6-7-15