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Action needed: Save North Fork of Accotink Creek in City of Fairfax

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  • Marianne Floyd

    This proposal is a direct hit on Fairfax City's remaining unpiped small streams. And the opportunity exists to make this stream segment a corridor for both nature and people... Joining Cobbdale to the 123/50 intersection and then to Old Town...

    • Marianne Floyd

      I am referring to the Accotink Creek in the Northfax area of the city

    • Marianne Floyd

      I’m very concerned about the possible loss of natural creeks and waterways in Fairfax City. The city is allowing developers too much power. Developers should not be building over creeks and small waterways. Arlington and Fairfax counties are protecting the waterways With rules of nondevelopment within a certain boundary of a creek and waterway. It all goes to Chesapeake Bay, our City should care too. I want to know what City Council Members care about our local city environment and will reconsider how this Northfax area will be developed. Once it’s paved over, without light for the tiny fish, tadpoles, etc - it’s just a dead stream.
      My property on Winston Place in Cobbdale includes a large parcel of wooded area. I have rabbits, owls, falcon, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, fox, raccoons. I’m sure many of them move around that Northfax creek at some point for protection. Let’s not drive nature away, we need to protect it by protecting all waterways no how small they are.

    • Katherine  Johnson

      Thank you, very informative. I have just reached out to a friend who lives on Assembly drive. The frogs at the end of her street were singing so loudly a few weeks ago when I had to drop something off. Maybe she can rally her neighborhood.

      Trying to share an image of baby barred owl in Fairfax City from a different part of Accotink Creek.

      /Users/katyjohnson/Desktop/Wildlife 2/IMG_1419.JPG

    • Martin Shepherd

      Thank you, Ron, for adding your voice as one who wants to see this area preserved for future generations. As an adjacent land owner your opinion and desire should carry lots of weight with decision makers.
      Regards, Shep

    • Ronald Fowler

      I own the adjacent property on Perry St. and am probably most affected by the development. While I did support the Bajaj brothers right to sell the portions of their property to the developers, I was not aware at the time of the possibility of a trail through to Howerton. Nor was I aware of the extent of the plans to put in a culvert. The creek which loops onto my property was important to my children when they were growing up. It is one of the last remaining ecosystems in the City which supports some wildlife. There are rabbits, foxes, dear, chipmonks, etc. Also the amphibian life in the creek as well as any fish would undoubtedly be unsustainable if the proposed development goes through.
      Ron Fowler

    • Martin Shepherd

      Residents downstream of this planned development are also impacted. Anyone who enjoys and wants to preserve the Accotink Stream Valley and Lake Accotink Park should stand up and let planners and decision makers that the quality of our environment MATTERS!

    • Natural waterways seem to have taken a back seat to commercial developers and the need to get more tax money from anywhere. I am delighted to know of this group to save our natural creek and water way. As a kid I used to play in a beautiful creek that was on the land now occupied by Fairfax High School. Looking forward to finding a way to save Accotink Creek. Does Fairfax City have any council members wanting to save Accotink too?

      • Renee Grebe
        Renee Grebe Event Creator

        Having City Council members hear directly from constituents is the most important outreach that can be done. Monday's meeting will aim to give you context on the broader project to be able to confidently do just that. Thank you for joining! Please do spread the word and invite others.

      • Judy Fraser

        I hope so! But mostly city council members need to hear that their constituents want to save our streams, and represent our interests.

    • Bobbie Agee

      Thanks for letting us know. Extremely important!