Main Stem 15 Engineering Proving Ground

July 31, 2012 – Walked upstream along the portion of Accotink Creek that runs through the Engineer Proving Grounds (Fort Belvoir North).

Accotink Creek here flows mostly over boulders and bedrock, in a series of riffles, small rapids, and deep pools, between steep banks that seem to deserve the description of “gorge” in places. There is good forest buffer in most places, although much of the forest has been sacrificed to recent development, including the extension of the Fairfax County Parkway and construction of the National Geospatial Agency headquarters. Little of the bank erosion seen along most parts of Accotink Creek was visible here.

There seemed to be fewer fish than expected along much of this portion of the creek, although fish large and small were fairly abundant upstream of the Barta Road bridge.

Trash was moderate, perhaps because few storm drains enter the creek as it passes through the Engineer Proving Ground.

Invasive alien plant species are a problem here, especially in more open areas. Chinese wisteria vines form extensive nearly impenetrable thickets and cover trees. Chinese lespedeza is well established in the recently cleared areas. Japanese stilt grass and mile-a-minute vine are also prevalent.

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