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October 2, 2009, Report

October 2, 2009

Pictures from October 2, 2009 here: 100209 Photos - Sediment contol failures continue

Many of the issues addressed in my last email, and documented in the included album of pictures (not all of which were specifically reported in the email), have not been addressed, including
-holes in silt fences
-silt fence failures - 3 previously documented undercuts have not yet been corrected. Given that these are all obvious points of failure (one of which has failed repeatedly previously), this brings into question the current inspection regime.
-inadequate controls for the work along Coons branch
-dirt slopes east of 495 and north of 236 with erosion gullies have not been addressed.

The "problem child" Coons Branch tributary showed clear signs of active sediment contamination at the time of the visit, most likely from construction disturbance on the east side of 495. I have video of silty water from this tributary entering Accotink Creek.

The work at Coons Branch remains problematic, given that there are not adequate controls in place, and since there is constant (but minimal) flow in the dirt channel along 495. The current arrangement appears to be to pump the silty water into silt bags, to be filtered. However, since the pumps are removed at the end of the workday, flow overnight, and over weekends, enters Accotink Creek. It would also do so during rain events, and there are not adequate measures in place to protect against that.

An access road was cleared parallel to southbound 495, just north of Braddock Road. There are no erosion controls present, and obvious signs of sediment contamintion. It's not clear whether this road is connected with the 495/HOT project.

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