Friends of Accotink Creek Participates in
City of Fairfax Earth Day Cleanup
April 22, 2006

Friends of Accotink Creek endured another rainy cleanup morning. Many thanks to our volunteers for participating with the Friends of Accotink Creek. Despite uncooperative weather, we removed numerous bags of trash from the North Fork of Accotink Creek in Fairfax City.

Friends of Accotink Creek cleanup on The North Fork of Accotink Creek off Fairfax Blvd in Fairfax City.
Shown are Jeanne Claussen and Philip Latasa.

A poorly designed parking lot built too close to Accotink Creek is now collapsing into the stream.
Fairfax City taxpayers are digging into their pockets to fund streambed restoration mitigating the effects
of this past planning error.

Carelessly maintained commercial trash disposal ensures a steady supply of fresh trash in Accotink Creek
following each rainfall.