Hunters Branch
Mar 2008

Hunters Branch begins just north of Rt 123, near the Vienna town line. The Branch winds its way south past Routes 66, 29, and 50. It joins Accotink Creek about one quarter mile south of Arlington Blvd. For purposes of this survey, the Branch will be divided into: north section (Rt 123 to Rt 29); central section (Rt 29 to Rt 50); south section (Rt 50 to Accotink Creek).

General Topography
The Branch is bordered east and west by small hills. These generally have a gradual slope, except for the central section near Route 123 and Nutley St., which has a steep incline.

North Section
According to the geological maps, the Branch is supposed to originate near Route 123 and Nutley St. However, the first visible signs of the branch begin at Courthouse Road, about one hundred yards west of Nutley St. Just above Tapawingo Road, the Branch is joined by a western tributary flowing out of Nottoway Park. From that point the Branch runs south, bordered on either side by the backyards of houses.

Just north of Route 66 the Branch flows into a manmade pond, which is part of the Virginia Center townhouse development. From there it goes under Route 66, the Metro tracks and the Vienna station parking lot. It exits on to a plain, approximately one hundred fifty yards wide, that is bordered to the west by an apartment/townhouse development and on the east by a steep incline leading up to Nutley St. The plain is forested but the Branch is readily accessible. There is a paved path running parallel to the Branch from the townhouse parking area to the Metro parking lot, to Route 29.

Central Section
This section of the Branch runs south of Route 29 to Route 50. The Branch is approximately one half mile long and is bordered by a flood plain. The plain's width varies from about 300 yards to 150 yards at its narrowest point.

Bordering the Branch to the west, along Route 29, there is a large plot of heavily forested land that is zoned for high-density development. Apparently there also is a homeless people's camp near the Branch in this area. In addition, two sections of land along Nutley St. are also zoned for commercial development. The Stonehurst townhouse development borders the Branch to the west, beginning south of the high-density segment and going down to Rt 50.

There are two man-made creeks that connect to the Branch from Nutley St. Also, several storm drains flow from Nutley Street and the Stonehurst townhouse development on to the flood plain.

A County sewer runs from Rt 29 to Rt 50 beneath the surface of the flood plain. The County maintains an area about 30 feet in width along the top of the sewer and extends the length of the plain. There are sewer covers about every one hundred and seventy five yards. The County also maintains accesses to the sewer system from Nutley St. and Stonehurst.

There is considerable undergrowth along parts of this section of the Branch. Much of it is thorn bushes, mostly invasive multiflora rose, which makes Access to the Branch difficult.

Southern Section
This section is also a flood plain, with the County sewer system running down the middle. It is about one quarter mile in length, when it enters Accotink Creek. It is bordered to the west by the Sunrise Retirement home and to the east by a townhouse development.

The section is about 200 yards wide and is also used as a flood plain. There is a minimal number of invasive species and the Branch is readily accessible. There is a paved, County maintained path, running down the center of the plain.

Trash is severe along all of Hunters Branch, perhaps owing to its proximity to major roadways, Metro, and commercial centers.

Erosion is moderately serious along all of Hunters Branch, as is typical in the Accotink Creek watershed.

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