Soil Dumping Incident 2019

Irresponsible contractor + Uninformed homeowner = Disaster

Irresponsible disposal of construction spoils as part of a homowner's careless and unpermitted lot modifications, with everyone losing, including Accotink Creek.

Fairfax County provided this additional information:

The property received an Erosion and Sedimentation Ordinance violation for exceeding 2,500 square feet of land disturbance without an approved grading/conservation plan. The associated information can be found on Fairfax County’s Community Complaint Inquiry webpage, case number 156650.

With all active enforcement cases, we do not provide the public any documentation beyond the original complaint information. For example, the executed Notice of Violation and supporting inspection photographs are not subject to FOIA. As allowed under Virginia Code § 2.2-3706.2, our policy is to not release case-specific documents to the public so as not to risk jeopardizing any potential litigation that could be initiated by our office should compliance not be otherwise met voluntarily.

Location of the incident is along the Accotink Gorge, near Alban Road.