Fitzhugh Park
Restoration Project 2019

Sign of improvement - native meadow planting replaces invasive exotic vines.

Fitzhugh Park is 10-acre forested park managed by Fairfax County Park Authority. Fitzhugh is located in Annadale, Virginia within a heavily urbanized landscape. The majority of the park is forested, dominated by species typical of mixed-mesic forests such as tuliptree, American beech, white oak, and red oak. Fitzhugh also contains a small floodplain forest community, and a small meadow.

In 2017, the Fairfax County Park Authority began an ecological restoration project led by Natural Resource Branch ecologists. The project is a component of the county-wide Helping Our Land Heal program. The restoration project at Fitzhugh Park aims to eliminate invasive species, restore forest understory structure, and increase biodiversity. Additionally, a acre thicket of invasive vines will be converted to a native grass and wildflower meadow. Restoration methods include mechanical and chemical control of invasive plants, planting, seeding, and deer exclusion.
- February 5, 2019

Fitzhugh Park is in Annandale, near Braddock Road and the Beltway