Appeal from the East
Dogue Creek
8800 Richmond Highway Proposal

Dear Friends of Little Hunting Creek--

A 43 townhome development is proposed for 8800 Richmond Highway, an 8 acre property just north of the crossing of Route 1 over Dogue Creek and just west of the Sacramento Shopping Center. It's been a junkyard and until recently cleaned up, it was a real eyesore. This property is almost entirely in the floodplain, the Resource Protection Area, and the Environmental Quality Corridor, all of which the county has strong policies and laws protecting from development. The county staff strongly opposes this development. It would set a terrible precedent for developments in riparian areas alongside Dogue Creek, Little Hunting Creek, and all over the County.

On July 19, 2018, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on a Plan Amendment to allow residences to be built on this property--the first step in getting approval for the development. Their discussion was quite thoughtful, and some Commissioners were skeptical about the proposal. They deferred their decision until Sept 13.

A handful of persons testified in opposition, but more testified in favor of the development. Many neighbors who understandably want to see the property improved are sending in letters supporting development. At this point, the Planning Commission is hearing from supporters. They need to hear from people who don't want to see this damaging and precedent-setting development approved. Dogue Creek needs friends! Please consider sending your comments to before Sept. 13, and reference Plan Amendment 2018-IV-MV2.

Pole Road Park, a 48 acre wetland park directly behind 8800, which potentially could provide public access for canoeists and kayakers to beautiful wetlands north of Richmond Highway and (once the new Richmond Highway bridge is built over Dogue Creek) to Dogue Creek south of the bridge, down to the Grist Mill and beyond. 8800 Richmond Highway could provide a wonderful recreational opportunity, if 43 townhomes aren't built on it.

President, Friends of Little Hunting Creek

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