Pine Ridge Park Paving

Another questionable trail paving project puts yet more of the parkland in the Accotink Creek watershed permanently under asphalt. The pleasant community pathway that meandered through Pine Ridge Park (near Fairfax Hospital) was widened and the habitat beside it bulldozed away. The paved trail and the constant mowing it will require will provide an avenue for invasive alien plant species to colonize. The ability of the Fairfax County Park Authority to find money for ever more pavement while its budget is cut year after year and other needs go unmet is remarkable. Meanwhile other county agencies are spending tens of millions trying to counter the erosion and stream degradation caused by excess pavement. - December 26, 2014

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Pavement replaces footpath.
A black scar of tar!
Fallen leaves obsure some of the forest's pain.
Streetside entrance between houses was previously paved.
Gullies continue to grow while funds are misdirected to erosion-aggravating asphalt.

Prepaving conditions - July 11, 2014

Existing path looks good...
...but bulldozers make everything better, right?
Trees? They just get in the way.
Restoring eroding streams in Pine Ridge Park would have been a better use of tax dollars.
Additional pavement will only increase the rate of erosion.

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